NextWave Wireless Inc.

Allen Salmasi
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Salmasi, is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Salmasi served as our Chief Executive Officer and President from the inception of our Company in 2005 through April 2009, when he assumed a Chairman role with a special mandate for maximizing the value of our wireless spectrum assets. Previously, Mr. Salmasi served as Chairman and CEO of NextWave Telecom, Inc. (“NextWave Telecom”) which he founded in 1995 and subsequently sold to Verizon Wireless in 2005. Prior to NextWave Telecom, Mr. Salmasi was a member of the Board of Directors, President of the Wireless Telecommunications Division, and Chief Strategic Officer of QUALCOMM Inc. He joined QUALCOMM in 1988 as a result of the merger of QUALCOMM and Omninet Corporation, which Mr. Salmasi founded in 1984. Mr. Salmasi initiated and led the development of CDMA technologies, standards and the associated businesses at QUALCOMM until 1995. At Omninet, he conceived and led the development of the first OmniTRACS system, which provides two-way messaging and position reporting services to mobile users.

Mr. Salmasi has extensive experience managing and developing wireless technology companies as a result of his executive roles at Omninet Corporation and QUALCOMM Inc. He has been a leader in the development of wireless technology and has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Mr. Salmasi has a depth of knowledge relating to our business as a result of his role as the Chairman and CEO of NextWave Telecom and, prior to May 5, 2009, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of our Company. Mr. Salmasi also holds a substantial personal investment in our common stock and in our Third Lien Subordinated Secured Convertible Notes due 2011 (the “Third Lien Notes”).